Important Information about Cannelton Elementary and High School

Dear Parents,

            Our school has not made Adequate Yearly Progress for 3 years, based on state ISTEP test results, 2008, 2010, and 2011. Our school did not make AYP this year in the following areas:
Math and English/ Language Arts. The subgroups who did not achieve the standards set are as follows:

Category/ Subgroup

Percentage Necessary

Percentage Obtained by our School

Math Performance/Overall



Math Performance/White



Graduation Rate 74.8% 73.9%

Math Performance/ Free and Reduced Lunch



Our school received a 65.7% passing rate in Math compared to the State Average of 69.4%. Our corporation did make AYP. Additional information about our school’s performance can be found at

            What does this mean for our school? If a school is identified for improvement after it has not made AYP for two consecutive years, they are labeled either Focused or Comprehensive. We are considered a Comprehensive/Support School in Year 2 because we did not make AYP in the above areas. Ordinarily, School Choice would be offered but since we are one school and one district, we will not be offering School Choice.

            In the meantime, our school is developing a two-year plan that will meet the needs of all students. The corporation and the state will assist us by providing funding and training for our teachers and by offering summer school tutoring and an after school program for tutoring later this winter for those students who are eligible to receive tutoring. This tutoring will be offered locally. The tutoring will be provided for students who receive free/reduced price lunch AND did not pass the ISTEP+ or other measure of academic successes. More information, including a list of approved tutoring providers and enrollment, will be sent to those of you who have eligible children in late September. This information will be posted on our website later in September ( A meeting to learn more about free tutoring will be held at the Cannelton City Schools Education Center on September 29th at 8:30 a.m.

            We have hired a full-time Math Coach to assist us in reaching the goals of improvement as outlined by our school plan. We are receiving Professional Development from a Literacy Coach.

Our school uses assessments aligned with state assessments in reading and math to regularly check the progress of our students. If your child isn’t making the progress necessary on those benchmark assessments, we offer extra sessions during the school day (tutoring) and have also offered a summer program for remediation. There will be a meeting held on September 29th at 8:30 a.m. at our Education Center regarding further options for your child’s academic success.

            You can help us by having your child in school every day. You are also welcome to volunteer in your child’s classroom. We have semi-annual parent meetings and family nights during the year. We encourage you to attend. Notices regarding those meetings are sent home with your child(ren). At our first meeting each year, you have the chance to review our Title I parent policy and compact. We value your input.

            We also value your opinion regarding how our school can improve. Periodically, surveys are sent home for your input. We ask you to join us for our School Improvement Plan Meetings, too. We respect your partnership in your child(ren)’s learning.

            If you have any questions or would like more information about school choice, free tutoring, or how you can help us improve, please call  Marion Chapman at 812-547-3296 or Ginger Conrad at 812-547-4126. We will be happy to assist you.



Marion A. Chapman, Superintendent/Principal                   Ginger Conrad, Elementary Principal